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Logs: Movements Gütersloh ETUO 2001

Movements Gütersloh ETUO 2001

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Datum Serial Flugzeugtyp Einheit Bemerkungen
04.01. Do. R-03 AB.412SP KLu/303Sqn
16.01. Di. unid. C-160D GAF overshoot
17.01. Mi. 72+68 UH-1D Heer/HFR 10
23.01. Di. 51+05 C-160D GAF/LTG 62 departed after staying only one minute on the runway!
24.01. Mi. 87-0072 CH-47D F/1-159 AVN
unid. Gazelle AH1 12Flt
25.01. Do. unid. UH-60 U.S.Army
unid. Tornado GAF/AG 51 Recce Attack, grey c/s
07.02. Mi. unid. UH-1D Heer
08.02. Do. unid. Gazelle AH1 12Flt
12.02.MO unid. Gazelle AH1 12Flt
13.02. Di. unid. Jetstream T1 45(R)Sqn
20.02. Di. unid. Bo105CB GpH/299Sqn
08.03. Do. XS712/A Dominie T1 No.55(R)Sqn black c/s
14.03. Mi. unid. Gazelle AH1 12Flt
20.03. Di. 163 Bell 412SP RNoAF/720Skv
164 Bell 412SP RNoAF/720Skv
165 Bell 412SP RNoAF/720Skv
166 Bell 412SP RNoAF/720Skv First visit of squadron and Norwegian helicopters at all!
unid. Gazelle AH1 12Flt
29.03. Do. XZ291 Gazelle AH1 12Flt
03.04. Di. unid. Gazelle AH1 12Flt
05.04. Do. unid. 2x Tornado GAF? airfield crossing
02.05. Mi. unid. CH-53G Heer overshoot
unid. Bo105M Heer overshoot
08.05. Di. unid. 3x Hughes 500M Hærens
17.05. Do. unid. Hughes 500M Hærens dep. to south
unid. AS.550C-2 Hærens dep. to south
21.05. Mo. unid. 3x Hughes 500M Hærens arr. from south-west
23.05. Mi. unid. Hughes 500M Hærens arr. from south
H-203 Hughes 500M Hærens
H-245 Hughes 500M Hærens
unid. Hughes 500M Hærens
01.06. Fr. H-201 Hughes 500M Hærens special c/s
P-288 AS.550C-2 Hærens both en route to an Belgium Air Show
06.06. Mi. XZ295 Gazelle AH1 12Flt
13.06. Mi. unid. Gazelle AH1 12Flt
18.06. Mo. XZ291 Gazelle AH1 12Flt
20.06. Mi. 80+05 Bo105M Heer/HFR 35
XZ295 Gazelle AH1 12Flt
27.06. Mi. ZD704 BAe 125 CC3 32(TR)Sqn
03.07. Di. XW899/Z Gazelle AH1 7Regt/658Sqn until next day
unid. Gazelle AH1 12Flt
31.07. Di. unid. CH-53G Heer overshoot
unid. CH-53G Heer overshoot
02.08. Do. 70+51 UH-1D GAF/LTG 61
03.08. Fr. unid. A.109 FTB
14.08. Di. unid. Gazelle AH1 12Flt
21.08. Di. ZD792/DE Tornado GR4 31Sqn
ZA410/DX Tornado GR4 31Sqn
ZG750/DY Tornado GR4 31Sqn
ZA541/DZ Tornado GR4 31Sqn 4-ship „RAF farewell to Germany“ formation
XX226/CR Hawk T1 100Sqn fotoship for the formation
31.08. Fr. unid. Hawk T1 100Sqn
03.09. Mo. XX312/CK Hawk T1A 100Sqn
XX351/CQ Hawk T1A 100Sqn Both flew daily missions to the nearby Warburg area, due to exercise 'Flying Rhino', until 07.09.
11.09. Di. H-201 Hughes 500M Hærens anniversary c/s
H-... Hughes 500M Hærens
unid. Gazelle AH1 12Flt
14.09. Fr. unid. Sea Lynx Mk88 GN/MFG3
19.09. Mi. XX496/D Jetstream T1 45(R)Sqn
20.09. Do. XS713/C Dominie T1 55(R)Sqn nightstop
04.10. Do. XS711/L Dominie T1 55(R)Sqn
08.10. Mo. XZ291 Gazelle AH1 12Flt
B-76? Bo105CB GpH/299Sqn
15.10. Mo. H42 A.109HA FTB/17Btn
H43 A.109HA FTB/17Btn
unid. Gazelle AH1 12Flt
17.10. Mi. XX498/F Jetstream T1 45(R)Sqn
XS736/S Dominie T1 55(R)Sqn black c/s
18.10. Do. 72+83 UH-1D Heer/HFR 10
30.10. Di. XX371 Gazelle AH1 12Flt
31.10. Mi. unid. Gazelle AH1 12Flt
05.11. Mo. D-104 CH-47D KLu/298Sqn NATO badge on fin and white upside 'V' on fuselage
D-664 CH-47D KLu/298Sqn
D-665 CH-47D KLu/298Sqn all until 08.11.
unid. UH-1D Heer/HFWS overshoot
13.11. Di. XZ679 Lynx AH7 AAC
15.11. Do. 72+72? UH-1D Heer
21.11. Mi. XW199 Puma HC1 33Sqn
XW217 Puma HC1 33Sqn
XW229 Puma HC1 33Sqn
XW232 Puma HC1 33Sqn
22.11. Do. XS739/F Dominie T1 55(R)Sqn black c/s
23.11. Fr. unid. Gazelle AH1 12Flt
26.11. Mo. unid. Gazelle AH1 12Flt
13.12. Do. XX492/A Jetstream T1 45(R)Sqn
14.12. Fr. unid. Gazelle AH1 12Flt

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